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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

17 sep - mixed fortunes

September 17, 2003

Influence : narrow staircases
Mood : thinking.... thinking.... thinking....
RingTone : bug ena paduvadhu yadenil.....

nothing special has happened, except tasting my own bugs..... and these a-holes are of the opinion, bugs get solved by themselves and there are 48 hours in a day.

had a inspiring chat with kupi... he is as kupier as ever..

j has left a note.. says i am "alarmingly frank". man she should hear the foul language i am spouting these days. one four letter work per sentence (english or tamil or both). Even mom says i have started speaking filthy language. This brings to issue of filth in language. How can language be filthy? only those who use it or their minds are filthy - yes, yours truly has a great perverted scum filled mind - boss, one who has imagination has everything and that naturally incluedes huh.. filth?
she also asks what happened to my mails... hee hee... thinking of those long mails i can just hum - "adu oru azhagiya nila kalam".

atlast had a glimpse of our new flat's insides.. man thats a great house.homely and cuddly.. painted a mild shade of yes purple!!!!!!.. but the thing is stair case is so narrow that some time in the future, my alarmingly expanding paunch is going to get caught in it.. more immediate concern how to carry a 20 inch TV through a stair case that is one cubit and one "jan" in length??... think ... its better than fixing my bugs..

vish writes in to say he is frustated... hmmm if the "avatara corporata" himself can be frustated, i guess i can cuss around :-)

last night finished reading the u boat book atlast.. "vai irunda azhudurukkum". over load of statistics... style english upper lip... but info is enormous... if there is a soft copy thats better.

pirandhal u-boat captain a pirakkanum... hunting someone from when no one knows you are...

hmm over all life is getting complicated...

why cant life be like reading a steve king book?
posted by Bala, 6:50 PM


"How can language be filthy? only those who use it or their minds are filthy..."
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:00 PM  
"How can language be filthy? only those who use it or their minds are filthy"... sema! ...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:01 PM  

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